Myles Standish
General Information
Home World Earth
Age Unknown
Occupation(s) Hunter/Mass murderer
Relatives Unknown

Myles Standish is the main villain of the movie, Free Birds. Myles is a hunter who wants to kill the turkeys for food. It's unknown what the time machine sent him. He believes that the time machine is made out of magic. His primary goal was killing the turkeys. Myles is a hunter and the main enemy of the turkeys. He likes to kill turkeys for food. His enemies are the turkeys. It is possible that he created the Thanksgiving holiday. After Jenny's father was crushed to death by the fire, she vowed that the turkeys would fight for their freedoms. Enraged, Standish summons all of his men and prepares to kill the turkeys with a line of cannons, but the time machine that Reggie was driving, blocks his way, which leads him to be sucked into a huge vortex, being ultimately erased from history in the process and being struck by lightning. He was never seen again. He usually carries a double barrel percussion/flintlock rifled shotgun (that has a nose cap, 2 barrel bands, single trigger that fires both barrels at once except it has a hand guard for a single barrel part and it has a sight between the two barrels while the two sights one for each barrel is upside down).

Quotes Edit

  • "I said I would get you turkeys."