General Information
Species Turkey
Home World Earth
Age Unknown
Relatives Jake, Jenny
Voice Actor  Owen Wilson
First Appearance Free Birds

Reggie is the main hero of Free Birds. He is voiced by Owen Wilson.

He is voiced by Owen Wilson who did play Lightning McQueen in the Disney Pixar Cars films. Reggie is Jenny's husband. Reggie is seen as an outcast by the other turkeys during his time on the farm and he has always been afraid of thanksgiving because turkeys has always been on the menu but one day everything changes, when he is pardoned by the president of the United States and Reggie, have no idea what the pardoned turkey means but he figures this out on his way to run David by helicopter and during his time at the orders and eats lots of pizza and he watches TV. Reggie building an NBC. He was having a good time until one night he is kidnapped by a turkey named Jake who says to him that he has been recruited for a top secret mission but Reggie tries to run back to the house. His Tongue Sticking in 2014 with a Mouth Cry.


Over a  few Years, a Turkey, not a Peacock. Reggie has a Brown Turkey with a Purple Face and Head and Neck, Orange Beak, Purple Feet, Black Claws, and No Antennas. He wears a Brown Eyes.